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Botanical name: Sanguinaria canadensis

Bloodroot is used in herbal medicine in very small doses, mainly for bronchial problems and severe throat infections. It has also traditionally used on warts, fungoid tumors, nasal polyps and peridontal infections. Used also in the treatment of cancer.

In fact, it is considered to have certain anti-cancer properties since it contains berberine, a substance found to fight cancer cells. In addition to laboratory tests verifying its anti-cancer potency, it has been used to treat tens of thousands of people over the last century and a half. Many of these (according to some estimates as many as 80%, which is probably greatly exaggerated) experienced remission of malignancy and longer life expectancies than people with similar conditions who chose different treatments.

Bloodroot Supports Healthy Cells

This product has not been evaluated and is not intended for the cure or treatment of any disease.

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