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Oat Straw - 50 Capsules

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Oat Straw's high calcium content helps to build strong bones and nails, and assists in fighting osteoporosis and bone loss. It may be taken daily by menopausal women to counteract bone loss and many other symptoms of menopause. Oat Straw is a nerve tonic with a calming effect that nourishes and strengthens the nervous system. It is used as a treatment for nervous conditions of all kinds, including exhaustion, insomnia, attention deficit disorder and mild depression. It helps to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal from opium and morphine addiction; others say it will also help smokers break their habit. Oat Straw has been said to be a sexual stimulant in both men and women and, as such, is believed to be the source of the phrase, "Sowing one's wild oats." Oat Straw is an antispasmodic and as a treatment for digestive disorders, such as gastroenteritis and dyspepsia.

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