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Psyllium Seeds - 50 Capsules

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A remedy for constipation. Psyllium has long been used as one of nature's most effective laxatives that relieves chronic constipation and promotes a free and regular bowel movement. Psyllium is an effective treatment for inflammatory diverticulitis, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). As a colon cleanser, Psyllium is often called the "colon broom" that allows the body to gain better health in all bodily areas as a high-fiber detergent that removes colon waste and eliminates the putrefactive toxins in the intestines and colon. Psyllium intake may reduce hunger feeling. This is often beneficial for overweight people who have preferred dieting practices that result in constipation. It has also been demonstrated that the psyllium seed can affect fat intake. Reduce the risk of heart disease with Psyllium. Recent studies have shown that Psyllium lowered both cholesterol and triglycerides. Psyllium is also used to help lower blood glucose levels by slowing the absorption of dietary sugar, which may be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

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