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Pleurisy Root

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Pleurisy Root, as its name suggests, has been a very valuable herb in the treatment of pleurisy. It not only eases the pain associated with the illness (which helps to make breathing easier), but most importantly, it is also considered an effective herbal expectorant that encourages, loosens and removes phlegm from the respiratory tract. Can be used in the problems of bronchitis and other chest condition. It is also used in the treatment for the treatment of a various kind of lung diseases. It give great advantage to treat lung infections, cough, fever, and the flu, pneumonia & influenza. It has been used to relieve indigestion and a "gassy stomach" and for flatulent colic. Several of Pleurisy Root's historical applications have included treatment for dysentery and diarrhea, and it has also been called an effective antispasmodic that can ease the pain associated with difficult menstrual cycles.

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